Windows Live Mail Setup

Windows Live Mail. WLM is the replacement of Outlook Express (used in Microsoft Windows XP and older) and Windows Mail (used in Microsoft Windows Vista).

WLM is a desktop email client program. If you are using Outlook Express or Windows Mail those programs will probably not be on your next computer (Microsoft Windows 7 does not have either of these programs). You might want to switch to WLM now and save the hassle of learning a new email program later. It is your choice and always consult whomever you go to for computer help. WLM should work the same on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

WLM is a free download from Microsoft. You might already have it on you computer if you downloaded Windows Live Essentials (this is a group of several programs, WLM is included). If you want to download WLM you can go to Microsoft’s site here:

 Windows Live Mail Setup

Step 1. Find the WLM program on your computer and open it. On the main screen click on “Add e-mail account” in the left column of the window.


Step 2. Follow the account creation wizard one screen at a time. Enter your PMBx-hosted email address in the ‘E-mail address:’ box and then enter your password (it IS case sensitive). Check the box ‘Remember Password’ or you will have to enter your password in each time you want to receive new emails.  For the ‘Display Name box:’ you may opt not to enter your real name depending on you company policy. Check the box at the bottom for “Manually configure server settings for e-mail account” Then click “Next” button.


Step 3. Choose the POP3 server type (only choose IMAP if you know what that is and how to use it).

Enter ‘’ in the ‘Incoming server box. Type in or make sure the port number in the box beside ‘Incoming server’ is ALWAYS 995. Check the box beside ‘This server requires a secure connection (SSL).’ WARNING 1: If you see port 110 instead of port 995, you will NOT be secure when you check mail.

See the example below and select “Clear text authentication” for the ‘Log on using:’ drop -down list. WARNING 2: Do not select any of the other choices. If you do you will NOT be able to connect to PMBx.

Next, enter your ‘Login ID’ in the labeled box. This is the same as your PMBx-hosted email address EXCEPT that you substitute the ‘%’ character for the ‘@’ character. WARNING 3: Your email address MUST be an email address hosted by PMBx. If you put in ‘’ for an account you have on another server besides PMBx, you WILL have problems delivering email sooner or later. If

you want people to reply to a different email address instead of your PMBx-hosted email account, then put it in the ‘Reply address’ box found in the ‘Properties’ box for the e-mail account see Step 4.


Enter ‘’ in the ‘Outgoing server:’ box. The port number should be 994. It CAN be changed to  465 or 587 if you have problems sending (depending on your internet service provider). Check the boxes beside ‘This server requires a secure connection (SSL)’ and ‘My outgoing server requires authentication’ is checked. WARNING 4: If you see port 25 instead of port 994 (or 465 or 587) you will NOT be sending mail securely.

Now you are ready to click the ‘Next’ button……and you should see You have successfully entered in the information required to set up your account” Click ‘Finish’ and two more steps to the finish



 Step 4. Now you should be returned to the main WLM screen. Notice your PMBx account on the left column. Right click on the name (example shows “PMBX (johndoe)” and select ‘Properties’ This should seem familiar with former Outlook Express users or Windows Mail users.

If you want people to Reply to a different email address instead of your PMBx-hosted box, thenput it in the ‘Reply address box‘.


Click on the ‘Servers’ tab. Look over the picture below and verify you have the same settings. Now look at the ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ section near the bottom. Make sure the box ‘My server requires authentication’ is checked.

Click on the ‘Settings’ button to bring up the ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ box. Click ‘Log on using’ and enter the SAME Account name and Password here. (‘Account name’ is the ‘Login ID’ from Step 3) Click the ‘Remember Password’ box. Then click ‘OK’. WARNING 5: If you do not re-enter the Account name and Password here you may not be able to send mail successfully. WARNING 6: Do NOT check ‘Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA).’ If you do you will NOT be able to connect to PMBx.

Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab. Most of the settings you see here you did in Step 3 Look for ‘Server Timeouts’ section. Click and move the slider to change the time to the right to PMBx default of 3 minutes. If all your other settings are absolutely correct you may need to move this marker to change the Timeout setting depending on where in the world you are checking your email.  When setting up POP3, and this what the steps are helping you do, Do NOT check the box ‘Leave a copy of messages on server.’  Click  ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’ to save all your settings. WARNING 7: If you leave a copy of messages on the server you WILL run out of space in your mail box when you eventually exceed your quota. If that happens you MUST delete mail using one of the PMBx webmail interfaces to access your mail box before you can receive more email.


Step 5: Before you begin using your new account you must confirm the settings with the PMBx email server. To do this you need to write two emails. Click on ‘New’ from the main WLM screen. FIRST send email to: with a subject line of anything (example: test) Then click ‘Send.’ Repeat this and send another email to:

SECOND check your Inbox: Within a minute or two, you should check your mail. (If you don’t see new messages in your Inbox click on ‘Sync’) The server will have had time to send you an automated response that tells you that you have sending correctly configured and if you are sending securely. 

If you do not have sending correctly configured or you are not sending securely, go back to the account settings, and carefully review your settings -> See Step 4. THIRD: You are ready to use your PMBx email account securely now. Congratulations!

If you are looking for the settings to personalize how WLM functions you can see where to do that below.

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