Turning Pollustop Antispam Software On & Off

The Pollustop Antispam software is very sophisticated and in my testing was very effective at identifying spam and isolating it in the Junk Mail folder. There are some individual settings though that allow you to customize… and even stop… the screening for your individual folder.

A Word of Warning: Now before you reflexly reach to turn off the antispam screening I need to give you a word of caution. For many, many years, I’ve been able to prevent the vilest of emails from reaching you. If you turn off the screening, you should expect the worst. I presented the ‘how to use it’ information first because you need to have been introduced to it. If you do turn off the spam screening you have already in your possession the documents you will need should you then decide to turn it back on. Additionally, because your whitelist automatically grows every time you send email to someone, it only gets better and better each time. (Read on to see how.)

The Pollustop Antispam settings for each user can be accessed here:


It is a secure page, but your browser might balk and say the certificate is not right, but I promise that it is OK. Here is the login screen. Use your same PMBx email address and password to login.

After you login, you will see the following one page screen. I want to go over what each setting is so that you will fully understand what they do. Notice that the very top setting turns the spam filter on and off. Unlike anything I’ve ever been able to offer before now, this software allows you to completely stop the spam filtering for you and you alone.

  1.  Stopping the spam filter for you alone. Change the ‘I want’ to ‘I don’t want’ in the Spam Filter section.
  2. Automated listing. When your spam filtering is ON, and you send a message to someone, their address is automatically whitelisted. In other words the more you communicate with your friends, family, and colleagues, the bigger you whitelist grows. In other words you don’t have to manually whitelist these people you send mail to. The two other settings control how you want the whitelisting function when you drop or copy or move an email into the Drop/Good or Drop/Spam folder.
  3. Here are the actual listings, both of blacklistings, and whitelistings for your email address. These can get long, so if you want to filter out the listings, then you can do that. There is also a section for listing other domain names of organizations, and entities. This is where I’m putting the domain names of the airlines… though it is for the entire server. You need not whitelist your airlines. Let me do that so we can get one comprehensive list. Remember DOMAIN Names, not the name of the airlines (i.e. b.e.delta.com and not Delta Airlines). The best thing is to tell me the whole SENDING email address on ticket confirmations.

When you are done, click the Save Settings button and you are done. Changes take immediate effect but there may be email that is screening as you type… it is very fast software.