PMBx is a private email box service that is part of Ron Smith MD Pediatrics. I use this service for secure, HIPAA-compliant email in my medical practice. To those who need it, I offer our level of security in single email boxes or blocks of boxes which groups can manage themselves.

Our service provides for encrypted connections between email boxes and their owners. It preferentially connects securely to other email servers for encrypted transfer of email to and from our users’ email boxes. Unlike other services such as Gmail, etc., the host server itself if secure from governments such as China who can bypass encryption simply by have physical access to the mail server hardware. Gmail recently has revealed that its mailbox services are not secure and likely others like Yahoo mail, AOL, etc are also not secure.

Users can connect with different types of computers, such as Macintosh, Windows, and Linux. Users can usually use their preferred email platform such as OS X Mail, Windows Outlook, Windows Express, and many, many others.

Single mail boxes are $55 a year prepaid. PMBx also can provide blocks of email boxes to organizations that wish the manage their own users’ email services. We can provide custom domain name service for either single users or block owners as well. In all cases, users are protected by the security certificates of the PMBx mail server and web site.

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