How To Configure YouR Device To Use PMBx

Here are the key settings that are required for mail applications on all computers and smartphone.

Example Email Address:

Example Username: (notice that the % character supplants the @ character in email addresses)

WARNING: Usernames and Passwords are ABSOLUTELY requred for BOTH SENDING AND RECEIVING settings!


Mail Server Host (for both sending and receiving):

Secure receiving email ports: 995 (for POP), 993 (for IMAP)

Secure sending email ports (in the order I suggest your try them): 994 (also 587, or 465 may work)

Encryption setting (where available to be specified): SSL (not TLS or Auto in Windows)

Outlook is a Windows email application which comes in different versions. Because things change in newer versions,you may need to refer to Microsoft’s setup page for all versions of Outlook:

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