How Do I Change My Password Settings?

You will need to first know your current password. If you do not know your current password you can have it sent to an email address that you previously specified. If you did not previously specify a forgotten password email address in your settings, then you will have to contact me at

What Password Settings Are Available

Your current password is available to be reset, but not read, on the PMBx web site. You may also specify an email address to which you can have the current password emailed.

Where Can I Change My Password Settings?

Click on the SPID webmail interface link on the PMBx web site. You’ll see the following screen.

If you have forgotten your password, you can enter your email address and have the password sent to the email specified in the forgotten password settings. If you didn’t already set that forgotten password email address this won’t work.

Otherwise, login with your email and current password. If you are successful, then click on the General link in the left hand margin, then click on Password after that opens up underneath it. You can change the password and update the forgotten password setttings there also. For security purposes we will not send passwords to those who forget them. We can only reset them.

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