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How To Configure YouR Device To Use PMBx

Here are the key settings that are required for mail applications on all computers and smartphone. Example Email Address: Example Username: (notice that the % character supplants the @ character in email addresses) WARNING: Usernames and Passwords are ABSOLUTELY requred for BOTH SENDING AND RECEIVING settings! ~ Mail Server Host (for both sending […]

How Spamcop, Pollustop, And The PMBx RFCReader Fight Spam

Most spam is best handled through the Pollustop anti-spam software that is part of the PMBx mail server. Pollustop works specifically for each PMBx user by analyzing email content. Spamcop analyzes the spam email and determines the source IP address, i.e. the numerical address of the computer that sent it, and adds it to their […]

Mail List Setup

Why Use Mailing Lists Anyway? List servers are designed to handle email sent to many recipients, also known as subscrib ers . Subscribers have the option to get off of your list. Having the ability to stop getting email from a mail list, also called unsubscribing, is what makes using a mail list different from […]

Windows Email Security Setting Error

I seem to get a fair amount of support email where users are having trouble with secure connections to the PMBx server in Windows. Here’s an example of the error. You need to make sure that your encryption settings are set to SSL and not TLS or Auto. First go to Account Settings as shown below. […]

Windows Live Mail Setup

Windows Live Mail. WLM is the replacement of Outlook Express (used in Microsoft Windows XP and older) and Windows Mail (used in Microsoft Windows Vista). WLM is a desktop email client program. If you are using Outlook Express or Windows Mail those programs will probably not be on your next computer (Microsoft Windows 7 does […]