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How To Purchase Or Renew Services: Subscription Instructions

Please note that there are TWO accounts with PMBx. Your email username and password are for your email box services and the subscription username and password are for your subscription to those services. This is a good thing because it protects your email account which is of the utmost importance. If you used PMBx in […]

New Credit Card Payment Option Besides PayPal

I’m excited to offer, in addition to PayPal, a regular credit card processing option. PayPal is great, but I know that sometimes it can be problematic for some. It has advantages though. The new processor is through Stripe. It will require accurate zip code and security codes, so take care when you use enter your […]

Postmaster Notice Class II: Security notice

Security Note: PMBx is not now nor has it been under NSA or other government intrusion or snooping. Security Classes You will no doubt have noted the subject for this email has ‘Class III’ included in it. What are those classes and why should you pay attention? Many of you simply ignore the postmaster posts. […]


PMBx is a private email box service that is part of Ron Smith MD Pediatrics. I use this service for secure, HIPAA-compliant email in my medical practice. To those who need it, I offer our level of security in single email boxes or blocks of boxes which groups can manage themselves. Our service provides for […]

New PMBx Web Site

This is the new PMBx site under development. Please be patient as we implement a faster and less frustrating user experience.

Help! My Emails Are Being Rejected!

Server Error 591 If you are getting something like the following then your local IP address has probably been used by another computer which was botted and sending out spam. Notice the error number (highlighted in red) is 591. Fortunately you can fix this error by clicking on the spamhaus link in your copy of […]