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Application For Email Service

PMBx offers both single email boxes for individuals and blocks of boxes for groups, organizations, or companies who want to manage their own email boxes at will. Except for larger block owners, I can no longer handle checks. PayPal will not process payments if you are located in certain southeast Asian countries. In that case, you […]

Terms of Service

These terms of service may possibly change. This is the official place to look for those changes and you agree to be held by the current terms of service, what ever those changes may be. PMBx offers email boxes to users who need the email server hardware and software that we offer. Though we provide […]

Account Over Quota

Currently the mail box quota should be 2 gigabytes. If  you are over the quota for your mail box, you will get a message similar to the following old message: Subject: Account is over quota Your account is using 278M of mail storage, this is close to its 292M storage quota. Delete unnecessary messages, otherwise new […]

Windows Live Mail Setup

Windows Live Mail. WLM is the replacement of Outlook Express (used in Microsoft Windows XP and older) and Windows Mail (used in Microsoft Windows Vista). WLM is a desktop email client program. If you are using Outlook Express or Windows Mail those programs will probably not be on your next computer (Microsoft Windows 7 does […]

How To Get Support

T0 save yourself time, try self-support FIRST. Glance at the Setup or FAQ articles and see if you can’t find something that has already been posted which might answer you question. At the bottom of each web page is a search box. This search will look at content of every article we have posted for […]

How Spamcop, Pollustop, And The PMBx RFCReader Fight Spam

Most spam is best handled through the Pollustop anti-spam software that is part of the PMBx mail server. Pollustop works specifically for each PMBx user by analyzing email content. Spamcop analyzes the spam email and determines the source IP address, i.e. the numerical address of the computer that sent it, and adds it to their […]

Turning Pollustop Antispam Software On & Off

The Pollustop Antispam software is very sophisticated and in my testing was very effective at identifying spam and isolating it in the Junk Mail folder. There are some individual settings though that allow you to customize… and even stop… the screening for your individual folder. A Word of Warning: Now before you reflexly reach to […]

How To Handle Spam With Pollustop

From The Old To The New. With the old antispam software, you configured your whitelists and blacklist on the PMBx web site. I configured the software rules to try and meet the changing spammer landscape. With the new antispam software, you use the Drop/Good and Drop/Spam folders to both add senders to your whitelist and blacklist. Additionally, by […]

About Frequently Asked Questions

This is the place to come look and for questions that have already been asked and answered. It will hopefully save you (and me) time and allow you to get the most out of our mail service.

New PMBx Web Site

This is the new PMBx site under development. Please be patient as we implement a faster and less frustrating user experience.