Terms of Service

These terms of service may possibly change. This is the official place to look for those changes and you agree to be held by the current terms of service, what ever those changes may be.

PMBx offers email boxes to users who need the email server hardware and software that we offer. Though we provide security, a user who doesn’t take the time to configure their emailer software correctly, can thwart all our security efforts. Configuration of a user’s software is the user’s responsibility, though we of course will strive to do everything that is reasonably in our power to help.

Service of, and access to, the PMBx mail server is not guaranteed to be %100 without downtime. We have however a very good track history of keeping our users informed and protected. Indeed, because I use this very mail server and software for parents in my Pediatrics practice, it is far more important to me that other mail service operators. As the saying goes, I have skin in the game and my goal is to never, ever have downtime.

You agree to abide by my rules and my decisions. I am not trying to run roughshod here but please understand that I have been doing this a long, long time. It would be wise for you to take it to heart that I probably understand a great deal more than you about email. Just like with the parents of my patients, it is my great desire to see you be able to communicate freely and securely.

You must pay for your service prior to the expiration/renewal date. Any usage of an email box beyond the expiration/renewal date constitutes an implied agreement to pay for the service. All service is provisioned for a full year, as I also have to pay for mail server software licensing on a yearly basis.

We can not refund or prorate any service payments. Please do not even ask.

You agree to hold me harmless for any and all email lose or losses as a result of email losses. You agree to pay for my attorney’s fees in advance should one ever be required.

Our current mail box quota (the amount of email that the server will retain in an email box at any one time) is currently 2 gigabytes. This can change in the future. We currently offer 5 free email list services on the mail server. This may change in the future as well. All changes can occur without notice, but I am a consummate gentlemen and will take great care to treat you as well as I treat my patients.

I encourage people to use standard email software on their computer. That means that the email you download is only on your computer. I also offer several webmail interfaces. A webmail interface is where you manage your email using a web browser instead. The email resides on the mail server in this case.

You must understand the pitfalls of using any webmail interface. If you use a webmail interface instead of standard email software on your, you understand that you could lose email. You agree to hold me harmless for any and all email lose or losses as a result of email losses. If the server has to be restarted while you are typing a message, for example, you will lose the entire email that you are composing. In addition, there are situations beyond my control which could happen where I could lose all the email on a server, such as if there was a catastrophic hard disk drive failure.

Presently I have only had one hard drive failure since  1998. We only use Apple hardware both in PMBx and in my practice where the hardware resides. With the advent of newer and better technologies, this has improved and will continue to improve.

It is important to emphasize that the PMBx mail server is vital to my Pediatrics practice. As such my use in medicine is much more critical in most cases. Usually I know about any mail server problems, and have often fixed them, before users even know about it. Your mail service resides on my mail server which is mission critical to me.

Finally, I want to say that I do the email service because I care. My wife continues to encourage me to use my computer skills for which I’m thankful.

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